Art Opening

July 7th


Mattie Rhodes Cultural Center

1701 Jarboe St, KCMO 64108

What is M.A.S.A?

Migrating Assembly for Stories & Art

M.A.S.A is for conversations about identity, and art as exploration. We are a migrating assembly of artists whose work comes together for only a moment. We invite you to react, converse, create.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Emily Alvarez
  • Faviola Calymayor
  • Daniel Garcia-Roman
  • Edwing Mendez
  • Dani Coronado
  • Cesar Velez
  • Emiliano Zapata
  • Marisa Adame Grady
  • Paulina Otero
  • Victor Antillanca
  • Baldemar Rivas
  • Socorro Reyes Ramirez
  • Rodrigo Alvarez
  • Erick Felix
  • Nicolas Ortega
  • Isaac Tapia