About Mujer:

In observance of Women’s History Month Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery is excited to share our upcoming March exhibit – Mujer: Those Who Share Their Story.

Those Who Share Their Story examines the representation of women through storytelling. The exhibition brings together a variety of materials, processes, and stories with different backgrounds. It pairs historical and personal narratives that offer multifaceted perspectives. Inspired by the daily life of women and the importance of cultural and personal roots this exhibit celebrates all who identify as Women and their significance in the world we live in.

Mujer Opening:

First Friday March 3rd, 2023

At Mattie Rhodes Cultural Arts Center
1701 Jarboe St, KCMO

Music By

DJ Munch and DJ Lina





Cake Pops by Perfectly Mixed


Sue Moreno                       

Megan Ganey                  

Eulalia Pulido                    

Maricela Aguilar Zunia

Margarita Aguilar            

Angela Guzman

Liz Vargas

Yessica Ramirez

Liz Gonzalez


To register for Mujer Symposium please follow the link: https://bit.ly/3m43o0p

To register for Mujer Workshops please follow the link: https://bit.ly/3IIUqNZ

For any questions regarding the exhibit or programing please contact Kiki Serna at kserna@mattierhodes.org.