About La Onda:

A curatorial experiment organized by artists Kiki Serna and Cesar Lopez. We set out to organize an exhibition series that would celebrate us and our contributions. We believe that our people have so much to offer, which cannot be compressed into a single month of LatinX Heritage. Therefore we are spreading La Onda.

“We are proud to self-organize and present La Onda. Our exhibitionpresent the rich and varied contributions of Latino artist in Kansas City and beyond. Drawing on a wide variety of experiences to shape the current collective identity.” 

The exhibition draws from Kansas City Artist and beyond. Those who identify as Latino/a. We will explore how broad the experiences have shaped each artist and their perspective on the work. We have gathered 20 artists to presents works in various media. With a traveling collection of 50 works in the exhibition. Selected works will be displayed at different locations during the migration of the exhibition. 

Exhibiting Artists for La Onda at Mattie Rhodes Cultural Center:

  • Chico Sierra
  • Carlos Ortiz
  • Faviola Calymayor
  • Hugo Romero Zelada
  • Andrew Ordonez
  • Melissa Wolf
  • Marina Cano
  • Valentina Trindade Soria
  • Cesar Lopez
  • Chris Gonzalez