When Renee called Mattie Rhodes Center one early morning in March, her five-year-old daughter was recovering from a gunshot wound. Renee has struggled with addiction to escape depression, and childhood trauma – the things affecting her throughout her childhood were destroying her as an adult.

Renee was battling addiction, temporarily lost custody of her children, and just found out she was pregnant. She was scared and confused. She knew she needed to turn her life around. Renee had repeatedly denied her Mother’s suggestions to attend Mattie Rhodes Center for counseling, saying, “I’m just not ready”.

Renee decided to make that call to Mattie Rhodes Center this past March, just as her Mother did several years prior when she went through a difficult divorce and needed help.

Renee is in treatment for her substance abuse at Mattie Rhodes today. She is vibrant young mother with a shining smile that matches her hard work and dedication to remaining sober and the best possible wife and mother she can be.

In speaking recently with Renee, we asked her if there is any one thing, she would like to tell some else who is struggling, she said this:

Don’t wait until there is no meaning to life. Mattie Rhodes Center was there for me, they are still there for me and my family, and they are there for you too.

Because of generous donors, like you, we are able provide the help Renee and her family needed, and we continue to do so.

Mattie Rhodes Center provides behavioral health services to children, adults, families, youth development programs, young adult programs for those with developmental disabilities, after school art programs, soccer programs, and emergency assistance.

This holiday season, your donation of:

  • $25 a week will provide a family of four with a week’s worth of fresh groceries, including milk, bread, fresh produce, ground beef, chicken and eggs.
  • $50 provides five art kits with supplies and lessons to children unable to attend school and after school activities due to the pandemic.
  • $75 provides a family or individual with bilingual crisis counseling directly related to the fear, anxiety and depression brought on by COVID-19.
  • $100 will provide a family with a Christmas meal (ham or turkey, two side dishes, and a dessert) and one week’s worth of groceries.  

These are just a few examples of how your generous donations help the families we serve, and we are so incredibly grateful for you, please join us by making your year-end gift, any gift amount will help.